#HWGL Network Presentation

The ‘Netzwerk historische Wissens- und Gebrauchsliteratur’ is an open network of researchers interested in German-language literature of knowledge and practice from ca 800 – 1600. It brings together academics from different fields of study (literature, language, art, media, bibliography, history) and in all stages off career (PhD students, Post-Docs, Professors).

The aims of the network are the academic exchange on research questions and the promotion of the visibility of the research field. We are especially interested in the cataloguing, edition, and analysis of knowledge and practice texts.

We don’t have a formal membership (yet), but we are always looking for new people to get involved.

We provide:

Annual Meetings

  • next (virtual) meeting: October 1st/2nd
  • topics:
    • foundation of an association
    • project presentations (especially for PhD students)
    • DFG proposal: Handbook of historical literature of practice and knowledge

Pre-Registration for the virtual meeting in October: https://doodle.com/poll/ui6w25ymi2hpimvk

Mailing List

  • information on network activities, events, publications etc.
  • help with research questions

Link: http://list.uni-graz.at/mailman/listinfo/hwgl.net


  • information on network activities, events, publications etc.
  • presentation of researchers and research projects

Link: https://hwgl.hypotheses.org


  • collaborative cataloguing of knowledge and practice texts and text types

Link: https://www.artesliteratur.de/

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